About Us

  Over the years, we have been deeply involved in the field of oral care products, with deep industry chain resources, and committed to creating a new generation of oral care products and services that consumers can trust. We have a domestic first-class design team, not only in the field of industrial design, such as the IF  and Red Dot Design Award, but also have deep experience in the human design of oral care products; our partners include Pedex®, Dupont®, Cashew, etc. Industry benchmark brand. We use our superior industrial resources to create a new generation of oral care products that are practical, efficient and beautiful, and to improve the oral care experience of people. The products have obtained many authoritative certifications such as the FDA, FCC, CE,and ROHS.
The Oday interpretation brand name consists of O and day, symbolizing the perfect encounter between quality and life. O expresses Oday's brand attitude towards perfection and all-weather care. Everyone who lives with heart is Oday's life, Oday is committed to presenting a perfect aesthetic life experience in daily care; O-sound all, express oday to provide you with the product characteristics and brand concept of all-weather oral care. Day expresses Oday's focus on life itself, focusing on your daily life care, so that you can live in the present life, you can treat each morning with care, and care for each and every one worth cherishing.
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