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About eSlim

When utility meets elegance, it meant everything is about to go to the next level. Meet the brand new design of a revolutionary electric toothbrush by Odaycare - The most luxurious, high-performance toothbrush, crafted with the finest ingredients and most innovating technology.


A Modern Portable Electric Toothbrush

Always in Style

Our goal was simple - to design the world's best portable sonic toothbrush to make you feel confident using it in any situation and maintaining good oral hygiene.

Matching the look of the toothbrush to your modern lifestyle and elevating your brushing quality with DuPont brush filaments, three brushing modes, a convenient removable travel cap, and fine-crafted body tube —— all seamlessly into one instrument.

Ultimate Luxury

Slim Design Portable Awesomeness

Break The Rule Brushing Stylishly

Extraordinary Craft

We sought to create a certain aesthetic by combining simplicity, style, elegance, and glamour for the most exclusive product without sacrificing essential functionality. To achieve this high standard, three foundations were necessary.

Premium Material

Surface Treatment

High-Quality Brush Filaments

Attraction starts with the first impression

eSlim comes in vibrant colors with a rich satin finish. The brush fits into an elegant cap that encases the entire brush seamlessly for an even more streamlined look.

Dentist Clean

Different Mode For You

There are three cleaning modes available at the click of a button⎯ Cleaning, Massage, and Whitening

Smart Brushing

The timing function helps you cultivate healthy brushing habits. A vibrating reminder every 30 seconds indicates when you have finished cleaning one area of the mouth, prompting you to continue to another area for a more consistent and thorough cleaning experience.

Excellent Comfort

eSlim aims to provide the softest and most comfortable cleaning experience. DuPont® produces very high-quality brushes with a balance of consistent quality, wear performance and unmatched productivities in tufting and end-rounding by using DuPont filaments.

High Vibration, Deep Cleaning

With the highest vibration speed at up to 27,000 vibrations per minute, the newly designed high-speed sonic micro-motor is user-friendly comfortable and efficient.

Very Quiet

eSlim operates at just 60dB, which is considerably quieter compared to the high pitched buzzing of other sonic toothbrushes - allows you to brush with little disturbance to others.

IP X7 Waterproof

Ventilated & Deodorizing

Antibactrial Protection

Micro USB charging, more convenient and safer

"ODAYCARE,Care For All Day!"

is our healthy personal care mission

Everyone’s got a mouth, and a healthy mouth is the gateway to a healthier you. So we strive to bring delight to your daily routine and help you guide good habits from morning refresh to bedtime brushing.


“It is really COOOOOL! Super Elegant!”

Journalist​- Joy Johnson


As a girl who pays great attention to tooth cleaning, I am glad to experience such a great electric toothbrush, and more importantly, I can keep my teeth healthy and clean at any time

Office Lady - SAKURA


“The most fashionable electric toothbrush I’ve ever had. Really comfortable and easy to use!”

Traveler - Tom Sheppard


“It has a very nice non-slip finish and it's remarkably slim and light to hold.”

Tester - Abby Smith


“The brush is much quieter than the other, and it's sleeker and cleaner looking on the counter.”

College student - Laura Wilson

The Official Certification Authority

eSlim has been certified by many authorities worldwide

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